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When you need to see a chiropractor at a convenient hour, come to Greenbelt Wellness and Physical Therapy in Greenbelt, MD. We offer evening appointment and personalized treatment plans. You’ll be seen by a board-certified chiropractor who cares about patient well-being.

Our facility is both easy to find and equipped with modern technology. We’re located in Greenbelt, and we see patients from all over the area. We take appointments Monday through Friday, and our friendly staff can set up your initial exam. Call Greenbelt Wellness and Physical Therapy today.


Headache and Migraine Chiropractic

90% of Americans suffer from headaches.

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Back Pain Chiropractic

8 out of 10 adults have experienced back pain.

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Sports Injuries Chiropractic

90% of all world-class athletes use chiropractic care.

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Arthritis Chiropractic

Ease your pain and reduce inflammation.

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I was able to be seen right away, met by a welcoming Dr. Schmitt in the lobby. The paperwork was minimal and right into an in-depth discussion about my condition. He has a very caring approach to understanding my situation. During the exam, Dr. Schmitt explained everything he was doing and the same during treatment, which was very well done it was obvious he knew what he was doing. He was able to target the problem areas and relieved a great deal of pain. Clear instructions for self-care between treatments. I highly recommend them! – Tom L.


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    We have new patient appointment available Monday through Friday. Please contact us or call 301-970-2270 to schedule an appointment.